redefining pop and play

Destro part 2

Right off the bat, I wanted to make the classic leaders of the Cobra organization. I sculpted the Cobra Commander “sack face” and then later on I sculpted a smooth face shield for another version of the Commander. When it came to Destro, I was about to sculpt the head and then I realized “wow, there are some amazing bald headed figs out there.”

I figured I could alter a pre-existing bald headed 12″ figure. And guess what: I did.


I wanted Destro to Command respect as soon as you see him. Therefore I custom made him from a 13” Martian Manhunter, this version of Destro is intended to stir up memories of the animated adaptation of the character, while carrying all the details of a new and modern toy. I sculpted his neck “collar”and his trademark medallion was realized with the help of an expensive Swarovski Crystal. Really. The Gloves are from a 12″ Boba Fett. The Boots are made from the mold I made of the Cavalry Boots, which I used for The Supreme Chancellor edition of Cobra Commander. The clothes are made from a pattern that I designed (and they took about 3 days to get right, as I took them apart often to make adjustments to the bulky DC Direct 13″ body.


Though Destro is an inch taller, when paired together with the Commander they just feel right to me. The Commander is about 1/4 inch shorter than my other 12″ fig’s, so Destro appears to tower over them. But he looks in scale, and scale is very very important to me. Not to brag, but the more I sculpt and the more I custome I’ve discovered that I have an uncanny knack for scale. I think it’s something I developed in school.

I studied comics and with comics you draw them about twice as big. When printed, they’re scale down to the general size that we’re all familiar with. I think from seeing this art every day for a long time (and in it’s varying scales) I’m able to judge with amazing accuracy. I only say “amazing” because sometimes I even surprise my self. I’m no robot but my guesses about scale are 99% accurate. Apologies for any arogance.

But the point is, I always felt like Destro was just bigger, like his very presence commands a silent respect. Subconsciencely this is achieved through height. Cobra Commander acts like yosemite Sam because he’s a little short, destro says little and commands a great legion because he’s tall like a Titan.

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