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4Horsemen “Toypocalypse” Art Show

Just got back from the 4 Horsemen’s “Toypocalypse” art show at Toy Tokyo Underground. The show was a fantastic retrospective, featuring a fraction of what the 4Horsemen have been working on over the past decade. The show was overwhelming (in a good way) and packed wall to wall with final packaged pieces, prototypes, and one of a kind “two-ups”.

I had a few of my He-man inspired pieces on hand, and toward the end of the evening I had an opportunity to show them to Chris, Eric, and Cornboy (3 of the 4 Horsemen). There were also a couple of executives from Mattel at the show. Suddenly, there were way more people than I expected checking out my Battlecat, Cringor, and Prince Adam.

Here’s a shot of me chatting with Scott Neitlich (Mattel’s very own Toyguru) and Chris Dahlberg (of the 4 Horsemen). Thanks to Chris for getting so many people to check out my work.

Smirking Python: TOYSREVIL Edition

Heavily influenced by the awesome G.I. Joe/Cobra Python Patrol series, comes this bad ass bald beauty, Smirking Python. Built up on a taller stronger body than the Toy Tokyo Edition, the TOYSREVIL edition utilizes the Barrack Sergeant body, which is very close in movement to the standard Hot Toys body. It features that awesome “cut out” style shoulder and double jointed limbs that the Hot Toys body, Sideshow Trooper body, and 3A body use. Additionally, the body “crunches” well at the stomach to get some really dynamic poses. We managed to procure 20 of these nude figures and we’re really happy with the way our resin head sculpt looks on it.

The edition comes to you with blind boxed styled accessories; of the 20 pieces:

3 x Flintlock Musket & Gunpowder Flask

5 x Sword (metal) & Sheath (random color) w/ 2 x Throwing Stars

5 x Chain Whip (metal) & 3 Frag Grenades

5 x Mace & 2 Gas Grenades

2 x Machete & Smoke Grenades


Smirking Python: Toy Tokyo Edition Pre-Order Part 2

The Secret Set:

As stated previously, this will be an edition of 10 pieces. Of the ten pieces, one set will feature a belt of modern throwing knives and a Chinese Chopper (actually, you’ll be getting the exact figure picture here in these photo’s). These figures will be pick up only at the New York Comic Con 2010, at the Toy Tokyo Booth (booth #2871 in the Cultyard). They will be pre-boxed to preserve the mystery (sorry no request on weapons… it is blind boxed after all).

Pre-order is now open. Go to LABEL111 for Smirking Python.

(This is actually my favorite version, don’t tell anyone.)

Smirking Python: Toy Tokyo Edition Pre-Order Update

The pre-order for Smirking Python will begin 10/6 @ 1:11pm EDT (NY time), at

The figure features a brand new original head sculpt .

The hand made original ninja costume features the “Tehama Camo” pattern, and is complete with wrapped legs and forearms.

The edition run will be 10 pieces (in honor of the Ten year anniversary of Toy Tokyo). All ten custom figures will feature the same head sculpt, uniform, female body, and gloved hands. However these figure feature blind boxed accessories. 9 pieces will come with a sword and sheath set with 2 modern smoke grenades. The final piece will come with a surprise set of accessories that will be revealed tomorrow!

Smirking Python Influences

Following our Hollow Walker SDCC exclusive 1/6th scale custom figure for Toy Tokyo, comes this  NYCC exclusive, “Smirking Python”.

This striking camouflage ninja features a head sculpt influenced by the artist Mati Klarwein, whose work has grace such legendary album covers as Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew” & “Live Evil”.

Miles music and style is a constant source of inspiration here at our studio.

Smirking Python Custom figure for Toy Tokyo

The NYCC is nearly upon us!!!! And sneaking through the shadow of the coming onslaught of exclusive figures comes the Smirking Python, descendent of the legendary Hollow Walker.

These hand made custom figures feature an original stylized head sculpt (by yours truly) & original “Tehama Camo” fabric costume. This set comes with a female body, a set of gloved hands, a sword & sheath set, & 2 grenades.

This officially marks the second part to our “Ten Year Anniversary” project with Toy Tokyo.

The Python Cometh

These are some early pics of our upcoming Smirking Python 12″ custom figure. We’re releasing this exclusively through our favorite Toy Blog, but that’s a secret for now. We’ll be revealing more info over the next 2 weeks, including a brand new head sculpt.

With a total of 25 pieces, this will be the biggest run of one custom figure that we’ve ever produced. It’s exciting, but extremely daunting.

They will be packaged similarly to the Hollow Walker 12″ Custom Figure, in a narrow box with artwork featuring the Python camo pattern.

Gundoptimus Sited

Just saw an old post on Super Punch about my old Gundum Optimus custom. It’s one of my first “kitbash” (shudder) project. I’m not sure I like the word “kitbash”. For me that always referred to model kits that were broke up and reassembled with vacuum cleaners and garbage can lids for backgrounds and ships in Star Trek and Star Wars.

I guess I prefer “Custom” but any-who…… awesome! So glad someone likes what were doing here!

Check it out here:


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